Emergency Management 5-3


Emergency Management

5-3 The program must establish, enforce, and instruct students in preclinical/ clinical/laboratory protocols and mechanisms to ensure the management of emergencies. These protocols must be provided to all students, faculty and appropriate staff. Faculty, staff and students must be prepared to assist with the management of emergencies.

A. Description

1. Identify and describe the location of the emergency materials and equipment which are available for use in the dental hygiene clinic and for instruction in the management of dental office emergencies. Describe additional emergency equipment and supplies that may be accessible to the clinic and their location. Provide the program’s policy to manage emergencies as an exhibit.

The emergency cart is portable and able to move to each dental unit if necessary. It is located in the dental hygiene clinic close to the radiographic area and easily accessible to the reception area. The materials in the emergency cart are listed on a master sheet inside the cart and conveniently displayed easy for usage. The list is also in the Clinic Manual. Attached to the cart is a portable oxygen tank. There are 3 pocket masks located throughout the dental hygiene facility, one in the reception area, and two in the clinic. The program has 3 Porter Units located in the clinic which each have resuscitation capability. The college has purchased several AED to place around campus. One is located within 50 feet of the dental hygiene clinic. There are 3 fire extinguishers located within the dental hygiene program facility. One is in the hallway outside of the classroom, one in the clinic and one in the lab. Please refer to Exhibit III for a copy of the Lake Superior College dental hygiene program emergency medical cart contents.

Didactic instruction for management of dental clinic emergencies is taught in

DENH1420, DENH1520, DENH2401, DENH2501. Please review the Curriculum Document for topic outlines and instructional objectives. The Clinic Manual contains information for managing a Code Blue emergency situation.

2. Describe how the emergency equipment is monitored to assure it is functional.

The master sheet of equipment and supplies located inside the emergency cart includes information on quantity, expiration date and location for each item. Each item is replaced according to use and expiration date. The program administrator monitors emergency equipment and supplies on a monthly basis to assure it is functional at all times. Please refer to Exhibit III for a detailed list of emergency equipment and supplies; their expiration date; quantity and location.

3. Identify the materials and equipment which are available for use in managing laboratory accidents. Provide the program’s policy on managing emergencies in the laboratory as an exhibit.

There are three eye wash stations available. One is located in the dental hygiene program clinic; one in the darkroom; and one in the laboratory. First aid equipment is located in the emergency cart which is quickly accessible to the laboratory. The Material Safety Data Sheets are in the MSDS Manual located in the clinic.

4. If applicable, please clarify how Standard 5-3 is met at any distance education site.

The program does not utilize distance education sites.

B. Supportive Documentation

1. Exhibit III: Emergency Medical Cart contents

2. Exhibit JJJ: Copy of Policy on Managing Emergency Situations in the Clinic

3. Exhibit KKK: Copy of Policy on Managing Emergencies in the Laboratory