Our team consists of two campus leaders, Lorrie Fox and Deanne Roquet, an Active Learning Advocate (ALA), Michele Keane and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Candy Barnack.

The Campus Leader Annual Report can be viewed in the Reports section.  The ALA year-end report can be viewed under the Reports section or at michelekeane.efoliomn2.com..


Active Learning Advocate Annual Report 2004

CTL Leaders Annual Report 2004-2005

Executive Summary:

This past year we have focused on facilitating the transition of our CTL team of two CTL Leaders and one ALA, to one half-time faculty development staff. Initially we were involved in developing the proposal to our campus Institutional Effectiveness Committee to establish a permanent staff member with reassigned time and a permanent faculty development center including office space. Once this proposal was funded, we began planning realignment of duties and responsibilities.

Relating to activities on campus this past year, the major role for us has been as consultants and idea generators. Michele Keane as ALA had the reassigned time which allowed her to transform ideas into activities.

Another aspect of this past year has been an exercise in “letting go” and in reflection. Reflecting on the faculty development culture that we have built has given us a great sense of satisfaction and pride. The LSC campus community is more cohesive due to the efforts and CTL activities we pioneered over the past years. We are most proud of having been a part of building the campus culture at LSC. Our letting go will not mean a complete break with CTL or faculty development; we both will continue to volunteer our time and energy to work with the Faculty Development Center and continue to participate in faculty discussions and informal mentoring of faculty.

Lake Superior College CTL Campus Leader Annual Report 2003-04

Executive Summary

After attending the Collaboration Workshop at St. Olaf College in June, our CTL focus became a team effort including Lorrie Fox, Deanne Roquet, Michele Keane and Candy Barnack. Community building, within the LSC campus and extending to the broader LSC community became the key initiative. To accomplish this, we decided to focus on diversity and inclusion. This led us to design the book club, facilitating faculty discussions, encouraging service learning and reaching out to new and adjunct faculty.