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3.4.1 – Procedure – Undergraduate Admissions

MnSCU Policy

Part 1: Purpose. This procedure provides requirements and guidelines for the consistent administration of admissions policies at Lake Superior College

Part 2: Items needed for Admission and Fee

Subpart A: Items needed for Admission
All applicants must submit:

    1. Lake Superior College or Minnesota State Colleges and Universities application form.
    2. Non-refundable $20 application fee.
    3. High school transcript received directly from a high school recognized by a regionally accredited body (only required if obtained less than five years ago), or GED test scores (only required if obtained less than five years ago).
    4. Official transcripts from each higher educational institution attended.
    • NOTE: Transcripts may not be faxed. Transcripts must arrive at LSC in a sealed envelope directly from the institution or via electronic transmission directly from the institution attended.
    1. High school students seeking admission under the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program must satisfy additional requirements for admission. (Contact the Student Services Center for specific requirements and/or see policy 3.5 on Post Secondary Enrollment Options.)

Subpart B: Fee

    1. Lake Superior College shall not charge an application fee to a student who has previously been admitted as a candidate for a certificate, diploma, or degree.
    2. Lake Superior College shall not charge an application fee to a student who has paid the application fee previously.
    3. Lake Superior College shall not process a prospective student’s application until the fee has been paid or waived.
    4. The college shall waive the application fee for veterans, active duty military service members, current Upward Bound students, and in cases where financial hardship can be formally documented. Application fee waiver forms are available in the Student Services Center.

Part 3: International Students

Subpart A: Academic Preparation, English Proficiency, and Additional Requirements

    1. International students shall be eligible for admission if their academic preparation is judged to be equivalent to the admission requirements of the Lake Superior College.
    2. International students may be required to submit high school or other transcripts to an evaluation service designated by the admitting college or university. Cost of the evaluation shall be borne by the student.
    3. Proof of high school graduation must be provided.
    4. International students who are not native speakers of English shall be required to demonstrate proficiency in English on a standardized test selected by the admitting institution. An international student may be admitted to attend a college or university intensive English as a second language program if the student attains a score of 400 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or its equivalent. An international student may be admitted as a regular student if the student attains a score of 500 on the TOEFL, or its equivalent.
    5. F-1 visa issued by the U.S. Consulate or Immigration and Naturalization Service.
    6. International students must maintain a 12-credit load each semester.

Subpart B: Economic Self-Sufficiency

    1. Prior to being admitted to Lake Superior College, an international student must demonstrate economic self-sufficiency to be able to afford the costs of tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and any other costs necessary for the completion of the academic year.
    2. International students must purchase the system-approved student health insurance, except those students whose sponsoring agency or government certifies that the student is covered under a plan provided by the sponsoring agency or government. Health insurance must be maintained while attending Lake Superior College.

Part 4: Documentation of Admission Eligibility

Subpart A: Individual Evaluation. Applicants may be required to document admission eligibility. Those who are unable to present transcripts or other traditional documentation of educational preparation shall be individually evaluated on the basis of guidelines consistent with the institution’s identity and mission.

Subpart B: High School Students. Lake Superior College may admit persons who are currently high school students on the basis of readiness as determined by the college or university.

Subpart C: Non-degree Seeking Status. Lake Superior College allows students to enroll for courses in a non-degree seeking student status. These students are not candidates for diplomas, certificates or degrees at the Lake Superior College.

Part 5: Admission to an Academic or Career Program. Admission to Lake Superior College does not automatically qualify a student for all courses and curricula of the college; some programs and/or course offerings have special pre-requisites. Academic, fiscal, and facilities considerations may also limit admission to particular programs.

Qualified applicants should be aware that some program class sizes are limited, which may delay acceptance into programs after the pre-requisites are completed. Program applicants are grouped by the term in which their pre-requisites are completed and then ranked by their file completion/ program change date. Students who have the prerequisites completed first with the earliest file completion date will have the highest priority on the list. Pre-requisites and other program entrance requirements include but are not limited to: GPA, specific coursework, background checks, and/or drug/alcohol testing. Check with individual program for specific policies.

Part 6: Students Suspended from LSC or Other Institutions. 

Subpart A: Students Suspended for Academic Reasons. Students on academic suspension from Lake Superior College or another college or university and/or whose grades from previously attended colleges fail to meet Lake Superior College satisfactory academic progress standards shall not be admitted/re-admitted to Lake Superior College during the term of that suspension unless they demonstrate potential for being successful in the particular program to which they apply.

    1. Admission that was granted based on in progress grades at another postsecondary institution will be rescinded upon receipt of final grades if those grades render the student as failing to meet Lake Superior College satisfactory academic progress standards.
    2. Students who enter on probation from another postsecondary institution may be placed on probation at Lake Superior College.

Subpart B: Students Suspended for Disciplinary Reasons. Students who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons from any postsecondary institution may be denied admission to a Minnesota State College or University.

Part 7: Appeals. Students who are denied admission may submit a Suspension Appeal to be considered for admission. Deadlines apply. Please see policy 2.9.1 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Procedure.

Part 8: Re-Admission. Students who have previously attended LSC but have been away from the college more than 2 years must re-submit an application with official copies of transcripts from other colleges attended since their last attendance at LSC.

Date Implemented: May, 2009