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3.10.1 – Procedure – Academic Program/Department Review

Part 1: Purpose. This procedure is to comply with Lake Superior College Policy 3.10 Academic Program/Department Review.

Part 2: Definitions

Subpart A: Program. An academic unit that bestows an award upon completion of a specific course or set of courses.

Subpart B: Award. A degree, diploma, or certificate offered for successful completion of an academic program.

Subpart C: Department. An academic unit that provides courses in a specific content area that support an academic program.

Subpart D: Key Person

The key person shall be defined as follows:

    1. In a program with a designated program coordinator, that person shall be the key person.
    2. In a program or department with only one UFT faculty member, that person shall be the key person.
    3. In a program or department with multiple faculty UFT members, or a department with no UFT faculty members, the designation of the key person will be made in consultation between faculty members and their academic dean.

Part 3: Principles

The primary intent of academic review is to continuously improve delivery of instruction in promotion of the Lake Superior College mission, and to demonstrate stewardship of college resources. Academic review will therefore provide important opportunities to:

    1. Gather information about academic units.
    2. Demonstrate the quality of the academic unit.
    3. Increase understanding of the contribution of the academic unit to the college.
    4. Provide an opportunity to modify and update academic units by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    5. Support decision-making relative to expansion or contraction of the academic unit.
    6. Demonstrate accountability to the MNSCU system, and to state and federal governments.

Part 4: Elements of Academic Review. Academic review shall consist of the program or department’s review and analysis of the following elements:

Subpart A: Core Data

Lake Superior College will supply the key person with the following core data to be used in the academic review:

    1. Enrollment figures: To include student headcount, credit hours generated, faculty FTE, student FYE, and student faculty ratio.
    2. Course sections/seats: including total course sections, seats available, seats filled, % of seats filled, and average number of students per section.
    3. Department/program costs: To include MnSCU cost per FYE and LSC cost per FYE.
    4. Awards granted (programs only)
    5. Placement data (programs only)
    6. Labor market analysis (programs only)

Subpart B: Program Specific Information

This information is to be provided in all academic reviews of programs. Key persons, in cooperation with the administration, will report and review strengths and opportunities for improvement with respect to the following:

    1. Number of students enrolled in the program and/or students by primary major,
    2. Advisory committee membership list and annual minutes
    3. Current program planner and program outcomes
    4. Program partnerships
    5. Program plans for and results from assessment of student learning outcomes
    6. Articulation agreements

Subpart C: Department Specific Information

Key persons, in cooperation with the administration, will report the following:

    1. Staffing levels,
    2. Department partnerships (both internal and external)
    3. Department plans for and results from assessment of student learning outcomes.
    4. Resources
      1. Department budget, facilities, equipment, faculty development, and grants received
      2. Identification of future need
    5. Articulation agreements
    6. Curriculum review

Subpart D: Accredited Programs

Accredited programs that have completed a program self-study or annual report within the preceding academic year may incorporate relevant portions of the self-study or annual review by reference to the appropriate page numbers and sections. In such cases, a copy of the self-study or annual review must be submitted with the academic review.

Subpart E: Action Plan

As the final step of the academic review, the key person, in consultation with other faculty members and appropriate deans, must submit an action plan including:

    1. An executive summary of the review.
    2. A report of all opportunities for improvement that were identified in the academic review.
    3. A plan of action indicating the steps necessary to address the opportunities for improvement.
    4. A list of resources necessary to accomplish the plan of action.

Subpart F: Draft Academic Review. Key persons will submit a draft of the academic review. This submission should be made to the appropriate academic dean and include Subparts A-E above to

Subpart G: Final Academic Review. After revision, key persons will submit final academic reviews to appropriate academic deans.

Subpart H: Administrative Review. Academic deans will review and comment upon draft academic reviews and will return them to the appropriate key persons for final revision.

Subpart I: Report to MNSCU. Academic deans will submit all academic reviews to the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs for review and inclusion in an annual report to MNSCU.

Date Implemented: October 12, 2011

Date Updated: May 9, 2014