Our Services:

Think of the Grant Office as a one stop shop for all your grant needs. On this site you will find information to help you plan, write and submit your proposal (pre-award), as well as information on what to do after you receive your grant (post-award).

Be sure to check out the Grant Checklist and FAQ section for more information on LSC’s grant proposal and management process.

LSC’s Grants Office provides pre-award support to faculty and staff at Lake Superior College. We can assist with researching funding opportunities for your project or program, deconstructing and simplifying guidelines for grant proposals, and help manage the proposal writing process. In addition, we can help create budgets, explain LSC and Minnesota State regulations, and address any compliance issues. Pre-award support also functions as a link between faculty and staff and the Lake Superior College Foundation. The LSC Foundation has many contacts in the local and regional giving community, as well as a wealth of knowledge of the grant-making process.

The Grants Office provides post-award support to grant recipients by assisting in personnel, contract and purchasing procedures. The Grants Office’s SharePoint system is also available to assist faculty and staff with data collection and reporting of awarded grants. If you already have received a grant, please contact us to find out how we can help with your post-award management.

What the Grants Office does:


  • Research grant opportunities
  • Inform LSC community about potential relevant public funding opportunities
  • Communicate with LSC offices: Business, LSCF, HR, IT, etc.
  • Facilitate partnerships with education, business, and non-profit and community organizations in support of resource development
  • Lead or support proposal teams to facilitate proposal development efforts
    • Interpreting guidelines for grant proposals
    • Collaborate in the proposal writing process
    • Assist with formulating budgets
    • Interpret college regulations
    • Address compliance issues
  • Obtain appropriate approvals for grant submission/reporting
  • Edit proposals and help find external editors


  • Train potential and active grant project directors
  • Assist in grant management
    • Personnel, payroll, and purchasing procedures or issues
  • Participate in grant compliance by reminding project directors of reporting requirements/deadlines and assisting with reports as requested
  • Connect with state and national professional associations to keep informed about grant trends and requirements

NOTE: LSC’s Grant Coordinator position is currently vacant.  Please contact Kirsten Bowman in the Office of the VP of Academic and Student Affairs if you need grant-related assistance.