• Grant Proposal Plan Form – This must be filled out and submitted to the Grants Office for all grants. If the request is over $50,000, it will also be sent to the VP of Academic & Student Affairs for approval.
  • Proposal Timeline and Work Plan Tool – Use this tool to do some backwards planning from the proposal deadline.
  • Developing an “Elevator Pitch” – Flesh out your idea by developing an elevator pitch. Remember, if you can’t explain your idea in 30 seconds or less, your chances of finding funding are pretty slim.
  • Developing a Concept Paper– Helpful tips on what to include when developing a concept paper. A concept paper can help communicate your idea to your supervisor, dean, the Grants Office and the funder.
  • LSC Fact Book – The LSC Fact Book provides a brief statistical profile of the College and the surrounding region. It is used as a reference tool in planning, preparing reports, writing grant proposals, and other projects. It is compiled annually by the Office of Accreditation, Research, and Assessment.
  • LSC Grant Fact Sheet– This includes information typically asked for on a grant application, and a boilerplate organization background statement.
  • Commitment Letter Template  – Template for partners to use to show support for the project
  • Institutional Profile (2012) – Summary of a wide range of LSC student and employee data