Pre-Award Procedures: Grant Approval

Preaward Flow Chart


Follow this chart to ensure you have administrative support for your project. 

Download: PreAwardFlowChart

Pre-Award Checklist

Follow this checklist to ensure your proposal has the best chance of being funded

  • An idea for a program/project or an idea on how to expand a current program/project
  • Contact the Grants Office to discuss your proposal –
  • Get approval from your Administrative Counsel representative or Dean
  • Work with the Grant Coordinator to complete a Grant Proposal Plan and draft a budget (see the Grant Proposal Plan document on the Forms and Templates Page)
  • Find grant funding that is in line with LSC’s mission and program/project goals
  • Review the Grants Office website – specifically the General Resources and FAQ Sections
  • Review the grant guidelines. Ensure LSC and your program/project is eligible for the grant award. Ask the Grants Office for support if you are unsure about eligibility or grant guidelines.
  • Create a timeline and work plan. Working backwards from the proposal deadline; list tasks, dates for completions, and who is responsible for those tasks
  • Use the SharePoint site for managing the proposal development
  • Submit proposal budget to the Grants Office at least 2 weeks before the deadline
  • Submit the proposal for editing and review at least 1 week before the deadline