Funding Request Policy

The Lake Superior College Board of Directors only accepts funding requests from LSC Student groups or LSC Departments. Requests must be submitted in a timely and organized fashion. Please review this policy before submitting your request.

The Board of Directors will not review funding requests that do not adhere to our policies, but may take into account requests that do not meet our guidelines due to unforeseen or special circumstances. If you are submitting a request with special circumstances, please attach a written explanation to our request form and your request may be considered for review.

  1. A Foundation funding request form must be submitted with all requests via mail or email. Grants range in amount, based on the number of requests received and funds available for distribution by the Board.
  2. You may attach supplemental information that supports your request.
  3. Requests must be submitted to the LSC Foundation Board of Directors per deadline dates described below.
  4. An approved funding request will be paid out per the disbursement dates described below.
  5. The Board reviews funding requests three times a year. Submission deadlines are:
    • Fall request deadline is Aug 20 (Funds to be dispersed Sept 20)
    • Spring request deadline is Dec 20 (Funds to be dispersed Jan 20)
    • Summer request deadline is June 15 (Funds to be dispersed July 20)
  6. For those individuals or groups that receive grant funds for special activities, a project report is due within 90 business days of the project/activity projected completion date. The report should contain an explanation the challenges, learning and growth that occurred during the activities, and the possible longā€term impact that is expected.

The Lake Superior College Foundation is committed to strengthening our community through charitable giving. We look forward to reviewing your funding request.