Alliss Educational Foundation Grant

Get up to five semester credits and required books FREE!
A program to help adults get back to school!

The Alliss grant is an opportunity grant, designed to help adult learners begin college or return to college. The grant is not based on family income and is available to all new Minnesota community college students who qualify. Grants are available to start school any term.

Grant Description
The grant provides payment of tuition for one course–up to five semester credits – and also covers the cost of required textbooks for that course. The grant does not cover required course fees. To qualify, the selected course must be part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. A link to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Program Planner is provided below. The physical education/health requirements listed on the planner do not qualify for the Alliss grant.

Certificate and diploma programs are ineligible as are on-the-job and customized training courses.

The grant is not reusable. If a student withdraws from a class under the Alliss grant program, that person cannot receive the grant again.

Program Eligibility
Grant recipients must be out of school for at least seven years. They may be first-time community college enrollees who graduated from high school at least seven years ago, or former college students who haven’t been in college for seven years.

Recipients must not hold baccalaureate or higher degrees. They must be legal Minnesota residents; those with reciprocity status are not eligible. Students already receiving financial aid or subsidized credit are excluded from the program.

A full description of the Alliss Grant is available that this website connection: Alliss Grant
(Do not print the form from this site, but rather from the bottom of this page)

Application Procedure
The applicant must complete the Alliss Grant application and return it to the Lake Superior College Student Services Center. Alliss Grant applications are accepted only prior to registration and will only cover the course listed on the Alliss Grant application. The grant covers tuition and books for one class but not other student fees. Students
may register and pay for additional courses during the same term.

Eligibility Notification
The college will notify you in writing as to whether your Alliss Grant application has been approved. You may then register for the course during the open enrollment period.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Program Planner

Alliss Grant Application (PDF)