Financial Aid Online Forms

These forms are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not have this, you can download it for FREE from Adobe.

You cannot submit these forms online. You must print the forms to fill them out.


Adjusted Tax Forms – If you are now separated, divorced or widowed and filed a joint tax return – You may use this form if you or your parent filed a federal tax form jointly with a spouse from whom you or your parent are now separated/divorced/widowed.
2016-2017 Dependent Student Adjusted Tax Form
2016-2017 Independent Student Adjusted Tax Form

Professional Judgment Forms – used when an independent student or parent of a dependent student is laid off or involuntarily loses a taxed or untaxed income.
Professional Judgment Description & Forms – 2016-2017

Dependency Override Request Form – used when a dependent student by the FAFSA definition requests to be declared “independent” for financial aid purposes due to a severed parental relationship.
Dependency Override Information
2016-2017 Dependency Override Form

Foster Care Placement Verification – Completed by your social worker/an agency to verify foster care placement.
MN Foster Care Placement Verification

Lake Superior College Consortium Agreement – used when an LSC degree-seeking student wishes to take classes at another college and have those credits count toward their total enrolled credits for financial aid purposes.
Consortium Description and Form

Minnesota Post Secondary Child Care Grant – used by Minnesota resident students to apply for child care funding
Child Care Grant

Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Form – used for students who did not meet the minimum qualifications to receive aid and their financial aid has been suspended
Financial Aid Suspension Appeal

Veteran Enrollment Request to Certify Form – used by students who wish to request the use of their Veteran Education Benefits. Students must be registered for the classes for the semester in which they wish to receive benefits before completing this form.
Veteran Enrollment Request to Certify

Release of Information Authorization  – used by students who wish to have LSC release information to others.
Release of Information Authorization