Print this instruction page for reference purposes.  If you have a Lake Superior College e-Services Account (Student ID and Password), you may access your student account online to determine how much you owe and when your financial aid has been placed on your account.  To check your charges and payments, follow the steps below once you have arrived at the login of the e-Services site.

  • Enter your Student ID and Password
  • From the menu on the left side, choose “Bills and Payments”
  • Click on “Full Account Detail”

Scroll down to the appropriate term. All of your charges will be itemized and listed under “charge”. All of your financial aid disbursements will be listed under “payment”.  (Note that “Subsid-SSL” means Subsidized Stafford Loan and “Unsub-SSL” means Unsubsidized Stafford Loan)

If you have remaining financial aid after all of your charges have been paid, “Payment to Student” will be listed with the amount you will receive. Note that the date listed for “payment to student” is the date the refund is ready to be generated and NOT the date the refund is sent to BankMobile. If you owe a balance, you may pay the balance online by clicking on “Pay Online” found in the menu in the far left column.