What is the LSC Plus Card?

The LSC Plus Card is the key to log into a website to select a preference for how to receive your refund or student payroll payments.
Using this website, you can then choose to:

  • Direct deposit the funds into your own existing checking/savings account
  • Open an account with HigherOne – a OneAccount
  • Receive a paper check (note: it may be difficult to cash a check from Higher One in Duluth area without a fee or waiting period)

Why Higher One?

  • To provide direct deposit and a debit card for students who are not able to open a bank account for various reasons
  • To provide a faster way of getting students their money
  • Prevent issues with check fraud
  • Checks that are lost or stolen are better able to be addressed by a third party provider
  • Higher One is a Financial Services company – they have expertise in providing financial services

Please contact the Student Payment Office for questions.

The LSC Plus Card is not your Student ID, Library Card, Bus Pass, or a Credit Card.

The LSC Plus Card


The Higher One Envelope

After receiving this LSC Plus Card in the mail:

  1. Log into http://www.lscpluscard.com,
  2. Click the “Getting Started” button,
  3. Enter the card number,
  4. Select the refund option that is best for you.