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Order your cap and gown through the LSC Store.

• Cap, gown and tassel can be purchased as a package at the LSC Store for $32.95.
• Honors students will receive their gold tassels at the LSC Store when they pick up their cap, gown and tassel.
• Tassels are worn on the right side of the mortar board until you are instructed to move them at the ceremony.
• Please dress professionally and wear appropriate footwear. Additional decoration is not allowed on your cap and gown except for Phi Theta Kappa and Veterans’ decorations designated by the college.
• Please consider donating your cap and gown to Student Life for our graduation cap and gown loan program. A donation box will be located in Pioneer Hall and the Harbor Side Ballroom.

LSC Store

The prices are as follows:

Gown: $26.95

Cap: $11.95

Tassel: $5.95

Complete Set: $32.95

Faculty & Staff Information:

Order your regalia for graduation by Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Click HERE to Order!