Caps and GownsDSC_5487

Order your cap and gown through the LSC Store.

• Cap, gown and tassel can be purchased as a package at the LSC Store for $32.95.
• Honors students will receive their gold tassels at the LSC Store when they pick up their cap, gown and tassel.
• Tassels are worn on the right side of the mortar board until you are instructed to move them at the ceremony.
• Please dress professionally and wear appropriate footwear. Additional decoration is not allowed on your cap and gown except for Phi Theta Kappa and Veterans’ decorations designated by the college.
• Please consider donating your gown to the Student Life gown loan program. Donation boxes will be located near the auditorium doors in the DECC lobby. Please place your cap and gown in the boxes as you exit the auditorium. Thank you.

LSC Store

The prices are as follows:

Gown: $26.95

Cap: $11.95

Tassel: $5.95

Complete Set: $32.95