Mission Statement

The mission of Erickson Library is to support the educational experience and information needs of Lake Superior College students, faculty, and staff through traditional and emerging mediums.

About Us

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Erickson Library is named after Lake Superior College’s first President, Harold P. Erickson. The library is located on the campus of Lake Superior College in the East Building. It offers library and research services to the faculty, students, and staff of the LSC community. It also serves as a research hub and quiet place for studying. For more information, click the links below.
Library Policies
Library Services
Checking Out Materials
Selection Guides

The library has 14 computer terminals for internet access (available only to LSC and Community Members) and printing (available only to LSC Members). There are 2 computers for catalog access to anyone in the library. The library has 5 group study rooms and 1 shared group study room for current students, faculty, and staff; 4 of the rooms are equipped with collaborative technology media:scape mobile carts. The Shared Group Study Room does not require a checkout with your library barcode. Although cell phone conversations are not allowed in the library, the Shared Group Study Room is the one exception. Each group study room includes a white board, TV and DVD/VCR.

Contact Us

If you have any question please contact us. Our address, emails and phone numbers are listed on the right. You may also send an email to the library email. lsclibrary@lsc.edu

Library Staff

Karen L’Heureux
Library Technician
Email: k.lheureux@lsc.edu
Phone: 218-733-5912​
Bridget Reistad
Email: b.reistad@lsc.edu
Phone: 218-733-5913​
Kate Vo Thi-Beard
Email: k.vothibeard@lsc.edu
Phone: 218-733-5980