Tips for Email on Mobile Devices (Phones, iPads, etc):

There are many different Apple and Android devices out there so your system may be slightly different.

Before you attempt to connect your mobile device, be sure you can access your email on a computer/laptop.

Important Information for All Devices:

Email and Username:
Password: StarID Password
Type of Account – Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Server: (Apple/Android) or (Some Androids)
Use secure connection (SSL): Check the box

Apple Example:

Directions for iPhone
Go to Settings>Email Contacts and Calendars>Add Account
Choose Microsoft Exchange
Email –
Domain – leave blank
Username –
Password – StarID password
Description – your choice
Click Next
Server –
Click Next
Your email should now display

Android Example:

Directions for Galaxy Note – Android 4.1.3 (JellyBean)
Open the Email App
Go to Settings
Tap the Plus Sign (add account)
Enter your username ( and password
Click Next
Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Edit Details – Setup could not finish (message is normal)
Edit Domain/username to your Username –
Edit Exchange server to
Check Use secure connection (SSL)
Click Next
Accept Activation Message – Click OK
Accept Remote security administration – Click OK
Set the account options as you wish
Your email should now display

Faculty and Staff

Here is the information you will need to configure your email on your device:

Find Email under Settings and select Add An Account.
Select add Microsoft Exchange account.

Enter the following information as needed:

Domain: lsc
Username: StarID Username
Password: StarID Password
Email Address: or