Step 2: Apply

Helpful tips for the application process:

StarIDs are important!

You’ll create a StarID account when you apply to Lake Superior College. File this little gem into your memory bank right away. You’ll use it over and over as long as you’re a student!

Why should you provide your Social Security Number?

You are not required to provide your social security number (SSN) to be accepted to Lake Superior College.

Buuut… we recommend that you provide your SSN! Providing your SSN simplifies:

  • Financial aid processing
  • StarID password resets (you’ll use your StarID for campus electronic resources)
  • Receiving tax forms electronically

Tell us about other colleges 
You must list all colleges you’ve previously attended on the application.

Skip it!

The Education-High School Preparation Standards in step 4 of the application does not apply to LSC. You can skip all screens in step 4.


Choose a major / program / degree

If you don’t add a major / program, Associate in Arts (liberal arts & sciences) will be selected for you. Do not re-apply to change your major. Contact an LSC advisor to change your major at any time.

Need help choosing?
Contact an advisor! You can email an advisor or call them at 218-733-7601. They’ll help you choose a major / program.