Step 1: Before applying

Before applying to the PTA-Military Bridge program, be sure you’re an accepted LSC student and have completed all pre-program courses and requirements.

Become an LSC student

Apply to LSC

Before you apply to the PTA-Military Bridge program you must apply and become an LSC student.

Declare your major
When you apply to become an LSC student, choose PTA-Military Bridge as your major. If you change your major after you apply to LSC, make sure to meet with an advisor.

Have you been an LSC student before? 
If you’ve taken classes for credit at LSC in the last 2 years, don’t reapply. If it’s been 2 years or more since you took a class, you need to apply to become an LSC student again.

Complete pre-program requirements

Complete all “pre-program” requirements / courses specified in your program guide.

Review pre‑program requirements in the program guide including:

  • English/reading
  • Math
  • Required military training program