Congratulations on your selection to the LSC nursing program!

Refer to your notice of acceptance for full instructions.

*IMPORTANT: Tasks with a higher level of time-sensitivity are noted with an asterisk below. Follow the due dates shown in your notice of acceptance. You must complete these tasks as specified by the due date to be guaranteed a seat in the professional nursing program.

*Signature of acceptance

Sign and return the acceptance form that was mailed to you.

Pay $50 fee

You can pay the $50 non-refundable fee online, by mail, in person, or by phone at 218-733-7610. Financial aid does not cover the cost of the application fee.

If the fee is a hardship for you, please contact the LSC Admissions Office at for more information. If you’re a current high school student and you receive free or reduced lunch, please have your counselor email us at

CPR / first aid certification

Provide a copy of your current CPR/first aid certification.

*Background check

All accepted students must successfully complete a Minnesota Department of Human Services Background check to participate in the LSC nursing program.

Background check instructions

CNA, CMA, Military Medic registry

Provide a copy of your current registry as a CNA, CMA or Military Medic.

LPN license

Provide a copy of your current LPN license (only applies to professional nursing students)

*Health exam / immunization record

  1. Schedule a physical exam with your physician
  2. Print the health occupation programs history and physical exam form and fill out the first page before your appointment.
  3. Ask your provider’s office to fill out the remainder of the form and send it back to you after your appointment.

Register for classes

Register for classes. Refer to your program guide for the course list for your program.