Learning Outcomes

Outcomes articulate the goals and objectives we have for our students. They encapsulate what we want the result of our students’ educations to be.

LSC has articulated outcomes at the course, program and college-wide levels. In addition, those courses in the curriculum identified as transfer courses also have outcomes embodied in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC).

  • College Wide Outcomes

    College Wide Outcomes

    Our college-wide outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities our students should acquire as a result of their studies at Lake Superior College.

    The outcomes are organized into three categories: (1) foundational knowledge of the intellectual, social, and natural world; (2) intellectual and practical skills; and (3) personal and social responsibilities. The knowledge, skills, and responsibilities are detailed in the complete outcomes:

    College Wide Outcomes

    Definitions and Interpretations

  • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

    Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC)

    In addition to the College Wide Outcomes, all students earning AA or AFA degrees are required to take a variety of courses designed to meet all ten of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum goal areas.

    Minnesota Transfer Curriculum – Goal Areas

    Minnesota Transfer Curriculum – MNSCU Resources

  • Program Outcomes

    Program Outcomes

    All academic programs have specific program learning outcomes. Students completing the program planner for that program will meet the program outcomes.

  • Course Outcomes

    Course Outcomes

    All LSC courses have multiple learning outcomes approved through the College’s curriculum review process. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that the methods they use to teach the course will enable students to meet the course outcomes.