Kent Richards

Kent Richards

Academic Assessment


I’ve been privileged to work at LSC since 1996. I began teaching here then, and I’ve been continuously involved with academic assessment since 1998. Through my teaching I came to know and appreciate, first hand, that assessment of student learning isn’t extra uncompensated work. Rather, it’s an inherent part of one’s job as a professional educator.

My appointment as the College’s Academic Assessment Coordinator in the fall of 2005 formalized and extended LSC’s strong commitment to faculty-led academic assessment. My charge was to lead our academic assessment activities, including supporting faculty efforts both individually and collectively.

Since early in 2011, I have been LSC’s Director of Accreditation, Research, and Assessment. Though I am no longer teaching and now have added responsibilities, my commitment to assessment of student learning has not changed.

In particular, I remain fully committed to the notion of intentionality. Thoughtful reflection about what we are teaching and how we are teaching it is critical. We should keep doing what works and stop doing what doesn’t work. Academic assessment can help us, as individuals, as a faculty, and as an institution, know the difference.

Kent Richards, Director
Accreditation, Research, and Assessment
Office: S1905
Phone: (218) 733-5969