Leadership  Team – President

Leadership Philosophy


Al Finlayson
Vice President – Administration
Email: a.finlayson@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.5960

Michael Seymour
Vice President –
Academic and 
Student Affairs
Email: michael.seymour@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.7628

Jenni Swenson
Dean of Business and Industry
Email: j.swenson@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.5991


Hanna Erpestad
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Email: h.erpestad@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.6901

Laurie Jensen
Dean of Allied Health and Nursing
Email: laurie.jensen@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.7694

Wade Gordon
Dean of Student Affairs
Email: w.gordon@lsc.edu
Phone: 218.733.7656