Speakers in the Classroom

Tips for Presentation


As a speaker, you will be invited by a school to make a presentation to students about your career journey. This is a time to excite and motivate young people about the career options and opportunities available to them.


The purpose of your presentation is to:

  • Introduce students to your career
  • Raise students’ career aspirations and personal goals
  • Provide students with a road map of how to achieve these goals
  • Provide a role model so they can strive to achieve their own personal and financial successes.

How to Structure Your Presentation

Here are some guidelines on how to structure your presentation. The actual information you use will depend on the size and age of your audience, their interests, attention span and the time allotted for your presentation.

Personal Background

  • Tell students what career(s) you were interested in at their age
  • Tell them about your career aspirations as an adult
  • Discuss how this evolved

Your Organization

  • Tell the students what your organization does/ makes/provides
  • Tell them where they may come across your organization
  • Discuss who the customers/clients are
  • Tell them the number and types of people who work there

Your Career

  • Talk about what your position entails
  • Discuss the variety of things you do
  • Discuss what you love about your work
  • Discuss the drawbacks such as long hours or weekend work
  • Talk about any obstacles you had to overcome
  • Discuss any barriers students might face and how they might deal with them

Your Education

  • Discuss “What I did at your age”
  • Talk about subjects you liked at school and/or subjects you didn’t like
  • Talk about importance of math
  • Talk about the importance of technology in your position
  • Tie in different subjects, such as, the importance of being good at English to help in writing reports and communicating in general
  • Discuss the importance of sports, fine arts, and volunteering in the community
  • Tell students about your diplomas, degrees, courses taken after high school

Your Journey

  • Tell students how you ended up doing what you are doing
  • Let them know who influenced you most
  • Tell them how you got your first/current position
  • Discuss other options open to you now

Question and Answer Session

Be prepared for personal questions – you do not need to answer them

  • How much money do you make?
  • How much vacation time do you have?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have children?

What to take

  • Take work props with you, such as samples of your products
  • Get teacher permission if you are bringing in food.
  • Take all the tools you need for your presentation, such as PC, slides, handouts, etc.
  • Remember to check with the teacher whether he or she has the equipment required
  • Consider taking such things as stickers, pen, or pencils to hand out

Reasons why you are important to the classroom teacher

  • You support the subject(s) being taught and lend a different perspective
  • Students have an opportunity to learn something new
  • Improves community relations
  • Gives you the opportunity to connect with student


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