SPRING 2015 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PERIOD ENDS ON MARCH 11, 2015. Scholarship recipients will by notified by e-mail by the end of April.

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Special Note: Once you have created your account at STARS, you may apply for numerous scholarships if you meet the scholarship criteria.

  • Tips for Scholarship Applicants

    While scholarships offered by the Lake Superior College Foundation have their own specific eligibility criteria and application requirements, there are things that you can do as an applicant for any scholarship program to make sure that you submit your strongest application. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

    • Follow instructions! Lots of applicants lose points (or are completely disqualified) because they skipped a step or hurriedly mis-read instructions. Don’t make that mistake! Read instructions carefully, and if you have questions…we’d love to answer them.
    • Consider your overall presentation. Strong applications follow all of the instructions, are typed and have been carefully proofed. Your application should be clean, neat, and well presented. First impressions count. Take the time to put your best foot forward.
    • Proof, proof, proof. Our best advice: have someone else read over your application before you turn it in. You’d be surprised what a friend can find! Typos and grammatical errors distract the reviewer from what you’re trying to say. Give them every reason to love your clean, easy-to-read application.
    • Tell your story. Make sure the written materials you submit – your personal statement and any scholarship essays – are thoughtful, focused and clear. Give supportive examples of what you’re saying. This is your chance to shine as an individual and to tell your own individual story. What makes you unique and special?
    • It’s not all about the grades. Your academic history is only a part of what is taken into consideration. What’s important to you? How do you spend your time? Do you work, volunteer, play sports, sing, dance or participate in clubs or other activities? Do you help out at home or are you active in something outside of school? Are you a leader? Have you won anything? What are you committed to? Use your resume and your written statements to tell the bigger picture.
    • Turn in your application on time. Don’t wait until the last minute. It shows.
    • Put yourself out there! Everyone has a shot at a scholarship. It’s up to you to present yourself in the best possible light. Take the time to prepare your application. Pick people for your letters of recommendation who really know you and can speak to your strengths. Your application is your time to shine. Go for it!

    Good luck!!!

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